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Building the Perfect Divorce Team: Why Adding a Mediator Can Benefit You

When pursuing a divorce, getting it done right the first time is extremely important. To reach this goal, you may pursue a facilitated divorce with your spouse to ensure your interests are at heart of the divorce efforts, or you may create a team to guide and support you through this process. We share how including a mediator on your divorce team can benefit you.

Involving Specialists In Your Divorce

When pursuing a divorce, your attorney may advise you to involve certain specialists to give you educated guidance about a specific issue you may be facing. When you consult multiple specialists in these efforts, you are building a “divorce team” to help you better understand alternative solutions to contested issues.

Common specialists involved with divorce teams include:

  • Forensic accountants,
  • Child psychologists,
  • Therapists, or
  • Mediators.

These specialists can review the issue at hand and give a valued perspective to the client to help them solve the contested issues in their divorce. Forensic accountants can help clients review their finances and discover any hidden assets while a child psychologist can assist you as you build your child custody plan.

Why Include a Mediator

A mediator can act as a neutral third party in your divorce, guiding you and your spouse towards the peaceful dissolution of your marriage. If you are hitting a roadblock with your divorce agreements or unable to discuss important contested issues, involving a mediator can help you resume the process.

Your mediator will meet with both parties to understand their perspectives and then begin mediation sessions to discuss contested issues. With the guidance of your other specialists, you can enter mediation with strategies that are best suited to your family.

To learn more about how to prepare for mediation, read our blog, “Preparing for Mediation.”

Colorado Springs Mediation Services

At Peak Mediation, we understand that when undergoing your divorce, you want the perfect team to support you. Our mediator understands the importance of compromise and effective communication when settling contested divorce issues and can help you and your spouse create agreements that benefit both of you.

Are you building your divorce team? Schedule a consultation with our court-approved mediator by contacting us online or calling us at (719) 259-5944 to learn more about how a mediator could be a great addition to your team.