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Helping You End Your Marriage Peacefully

The divorce cases and legal disputes you see in the movies and on TV are not accurate depictions of what most cases are like. In fact, civil or divorce matters rarely resort to or require litigation – most can be resolved without a contentious courtroom battle. In Colorado, mediation is actually required in every family law or divorce dispute.

At Peak Mediation, our goal is to help well-intentioned people successfully resolve civil and family-related legal disputes. We have established ourselves as skilled listeners and effective mediators, operating with both compassion and determination. Though we are based in Colorado Springs, we handle facilitated divorces throughout Colorado.

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What We Do

At Peak Mediation, we offer services in mediation, arbitration, and facilitated divorce. Our mediation practice is led by Attorney-Mediator Matthew B. Drexler, an accomplished attorney and also an owner of an independent litigation law firm. Matt brings a unique skillset, knowledge-base and expertise to Peak Mediation. His perspective and unique approach to problem-solving has saved multiple parties from spending multiple and tens of thousands of dollars on litigation fees and costs.

Our team is committed to seeing every case through from a smooth beginning to a successful conclusion. Regardless of the level of involvement you require from us, we are confident that we can help you finalize a favorable solution to the matter at hand.

Our Approach

Whether you are filing for divorce concerned about your custody arrangement, or need to adjust your financial support obligations like child support or spousal maintenance (alimony) or whether you have a disagreement with your neighbor or involved in a contract, business or money dispute, we understand that your priority is to resolve the matter quickly and effectively. We want to help you achieve this goal without wasting time or money.

At Peak Mediation, we strive to maintain predictability in our legal costs while controlling situations effectively to prevent unnecessary fees. We allow participating parties to tailor the scope of the services they receive by selecting a facilitation program that matches their unique needs. Parties can also schedule additional meetings or sessions with upfront pricing, if necessary or desired. Rest assured, the cost of mediation, facilitation, or arbitration pales in comparison to the cost of full litigation. For further peace of mind, our parties are able to have any agreements reviewed by independent counsel or financial advisors well prior to signing the dotted line. Peak Mediation prides itself on creative problem-solving that survives the scrutiny of other professionals and the Court.

The right solution to your legal matter starts with a call to Peak Mediation. Reach out to us at (719) 259-5944 today.

Meet The Attorney

  • Matthew B. Drexler, Esq. Photo
    Matthew B. Drexler, Esq.
    Attorney Matthew B. Drexler is experienced, and passionate about helping good people through difficult times. While Matt continues to own and manage a successful litigation practice, he also serves as an Attorney-Mediator, Arbitrator and Facilitator. The landscape between litigation practice and mediated problem solving is familiar to Matt and has been well-traveled throughout his accomplished legal career. At Peak Mediation, LLC, Matt serves the critical role as our Lead Facilitator and assists ...

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