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At Peak Mediation, we offer arbitration services in Colorado Springs and throughout Colorado for both family and civil matters. Our arbitrator is an accomplished legal professional who has helped countless people resolve complex, emotional, and challenging disputes through mediation, facilitation and arbitration when needed. Our lawyers are committed to walking you through the process, explaining your options, and helping you take the right step forward.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a great dispute resolution technique for people facing a wide range of legal matters, from divorce to custody to civil disputes. Consider arbitration as the middle ground between Mediation and Litigation: though you will receive a final decision from the arbitrator, you will also do so outside of the court system, in a more confidential and easygoing environment.

Think of arbitration as a last resort knowing that the parties don’t have to submit their dispute to an unfamiliar court or judge to decide. While our efforts will be focused on helping parties resolve their issues first through mediation and facilitation, arbitration (a process in which the neutral arbitrator is given decision-making authority, just like a judge) remains a more attractive and less-costly alternative to litigating in court.

Keep in mind that a decision made during arbitration is binding and appeals or reconsideration is limited. In most arbitration cases, court review is not authorized. Though they seem limiting, these stipulations complement the efficiency of the arbitration process and can be beneficial to parties seeking a quick resolution.

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What Is the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration in Colorado?

Many people seeking alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in lieu of litigation are confused by the differences between mediation and arbitration.

Arbitration differs from mediation in the following ways:

  • The parties must agree to arbitration instead of going to court, which means that parties cannot just voluntarily withdrawal as they can in mediation.
  • If the parties cannot reach an agreement in arbitration, the arbitrator makes the final decision. In mediation, the mediator has no power to determine an outcome.
  • Arbitrators intend to hear and assess evidence to make determinations, while mediators simply intend to facilitate productive negotiation and compromise between the parties. Evidence includes the testimony or background that each party wishes to provide to the decision-maker.

All that said, arbitration is like mediation in that it takes place in confidential sessions outside of the courtroom. Whether you are hiring a mediator or an arbitrator in Colorado Springs, you and the other party must agree to pay the discussed fees.

Call Peak Mediation to learn more about our Combined Process called, Med-Arb or Mediation-Arbitration. Typically, our Colorado Springs Attorney-Mediator will start with the parties in the mediation format, which continues to be confidential. If any disputes or issues are left unresolved after mediation, the Colorado Springs Attorney-Mediator then converts the matter to Arbitration, which is usually scheduled for another session, as needed, and includes a more structured presentation of each parties’ perspective.

Unlike the court system, Peak Mediation doesn’t have a crowded docket full of countless parties trying to get time before the same judge. Like mediation, arbitration can be scheduled at the convenience of the parties, even on weekends!

What Happens During an Arbitration?

Much like a trial, each side presents arguments and evidence for the arbitrator to make a decision. However, the setting is much less formal and far more private than a court trial.

What is the Cost of Arbitration in Colorado Springs?

At Peak Mediation, our attorneys maintain reasonable fees and upfront pricing. You can request our services on an hourly basis or select one of our convenient pre-priced packages. Payment plans are available for certain arbitration and mediation packages.

Rest assured, even when arbitration becomes appropriated, going the route of arbitration over litigation will certainly save you both time and money. Our Colorado Springs arbitrator would be happy to review your case during a free consultation and determine if mediation, arbitration or a combination of both is the right choice to help you achieve your goals.

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    Attorney Matthew B. Drexler is experienced, and passionate about helping good people through difficult times. While Matt continues to own and manage a successful litigation practice, he also serves as an Attorney-Mediator, Arbitrator and Facilitator. The landscape between litigation practice and mediated problem solving is familiar to Matt and has been well-traveled throughout his accomplished legal career. At Peak Mediation, LLC, Matt serves the critical role as our Lead Facilitator and assists ...