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Facilitated Divorce

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Divorce Facilitation: Solution-Oriented Services

Divorce is a complex, emotional, and daunting process that can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. Though every case is different, most divorcing couples just want to reach a quick resolution that does not waste time, cost a lot of money, or ruin relationships within the family. If you are seeking an alternative to expensive courtroom litigation, consider the benefits of our private divorce facilitation services.

Our uncontested divorce attorney can help you whether you and your spouse agree on all the terms of your divorce or face a few disputes. Our facilitation process has been designed to help people from all walks of life navigate the complexities of divorce without overspending or wasting time on a less-than-favorable resolution. Our divorce facilitator in Colorado Springs serves clients throughout Colorado.

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Our Separation Facilitation Process

At Peak Mediation, our facilitation process involves two components: facilitation and mediation. We start with facilitation, which allows us to prepare, file, and process your matter with the court while ensuring both parties are meeting the court’s requirement for mandatory disclosures and setting reasonable expectations about the timeline for the case. You will never be left in the dark at any point – and we encourage you to bring us any questions or concerns you may have so we can discuss the issues together.

After these aspects have been addressed, we will schedule at least one mediation session – more if needed – which will also serve to satisfy the court-ordered mediation requirement.

What to Expect from Facilitated Divorce

Our Colorado Springs divorce facilitator is here to help you navigate the entire legal process. We take great care to listen closely to your story, uncover all relevant information, and assess the situation from every angle. Our team will address every aspect of your divorce, whether it involves custody, child support, property division, and/or alimony (or spousal maintenance as it’s called in Colorado).

Even if you and your spouse cannot reach a full agreement, our facilitation process is an important stepping stone that sets the stage for an organized presentation of unresolved issues for arbitration (if the parties elect) or to the court. It can also leave you with a partial agreement that enforces the terms upon which you and your spouse can agree.

What is the Cost of a Facilitated Divorce?

At Peak Mediation, we are committed to helping our clients avoid the expense of litigation by maintaining reasonable fees and tailoring our services to help each client achieve their specific goals. For your convenience, we offer various packages at different price points and can recommend the package that we believe is best suited for your case.

Our prices are flat fee or “fixed” so there isn’t any uncertainly about what you will spend. We also provide options to add services as needed such as additional hours for mediation or to add an arbitration session if that becomes necessary or desired by the parties. Whatever your chosen option, the overall cost of a Facilitated Divorce in Colorado will pale to the overall cost of full-scale litigation where both parties must retain independent attorneys. In fact, even our top-tier facilitation scope (which actually isn’t necessary in the vast majority of cases) is less that just the initial retainer charged by litigation attorneys.

We also offer our services on an hourly basis and are flexible in scheduling additional sessions or appointments as needed.

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    Matthew B. Drexler, Esq.
    Attorney Matthew B. Drexler is experienced, and passionate about helping good people through difficult times. While Matt continues to own and manage a successful litigation practice, he also serves as an Attorney-Mediator, Arbitrator and Facilitator. The landscape between litigation practice and mediated problem solving is familiar to Matt and has been well-traveled throughout his accomplished legal career. At Peak Mediation, LLC, Matt serves the critical role as our Lead Facilitator and assists ...