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How to Overcome Conflict In Mediation

During mediation, you will review the contested issues in your divorce and create a plan with your spouse on how to move forward. As these topics are major issues that will impact your life after the divorce, you may come into conflict with your spouse if neither party wishes to compromise. Our Colorado Springs certified mediator shares how to approach and overcome conflict in your mediation process.

Take A Step Back

One major instigator in conflict is when parties make major decisions fueled by their emotions, rather than reviewing the options first. If you and your spouse are hitting a stalemate on a certain issue, take a step back to review all proposed options and why you feel so passionately about the issue. After taking some time to reflect, you may find a new solution or learn that you are ready to compromise.

Taking Time to View The Issue From Your Spouse’s Perspective

You are most likely coming across conflict as you and your spouse disagree on how to handle the issue. If you are taking time to think about this conflict and reflect on how it can be overcome, make sure to take a moment to see the issue from your spouse’s perspective. This understanding can help guide you through what you believe can be a solution that would benefit both parties as you now see why you both are focused on the issue.

Consulting Your Divorce Team

When facing conflict, your divorce team can guide you and provide insight on options that may benefit you. Your divorce team may include your attorney or facilitator, as well as child psychologists, forensic accountants, or others who are well trained in guiding individuals through divorce issues. A specialist may advise you on alternatives for the specific issue or advise you to put this specific issue on the back burner for another mediation session.

If you believe your situation or issue is too complicated for mediation or you are unable to reach an agreement, read our blog to learn more about your alternatives in arbitration or litigation.

Colorado Springs Certified Mediator

At Peak Mediation, our certified mediator is dedicated to guiding your family through your divorce into your next chapters. We understand that divorce can be an emotional process and through mediation, you can finalize your divorce with your spouse without ever needing the court to decide major divorce issues.

Schedule a consultation with our certified mediator to learn more about how he can guide you through your upcoming divorce and mediation process by calling (719) 259-5944 or contacting us online.