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How To Know When It Is Time For Mediation

When undergoing a divorce, you may want to write your divorce agreements with your spouse at the kitchen table. But some couples may need a third party to guide them through the agreement creation process, expedite their divorce, and propose alternatives that work for all parties involved. Our certified mediator at Peak Mediation shares when you should start to consider mediation.

Being Unable to Discuss Issues On Their Own

You may need to include mediation in your divorce strategy if you and your spouse are unable to hash out your divorce issues on your own. If speaking to the other party prompts conflict, then you may need a mediator to guide you both through the divorce process and address the contested issues in your divorce.

Involving a neutral third party can help a divorcing couple propose solutions to their divorce issues and facilitate discussion between both parties. However, mediation may not be an option for couples that are unable to compromise or refuse to speak to each other.

When Couples Need A Little Extra Guidance

While most couples are able to communicate effectively, they might face the problem of being unsure of how to approach their contested divorce issues. In this case, a mediator can act as a guide for working through the divorcing couple’s issues.

The mediation sessions will be like a launchpad for the couple to discuss their issues with the mediator. The mediator is there to guide discussion if the couple needs a guiding hand or someone to help them move forward.

When Undergoing A Facilitated Divorce

A facilitated divorce involves two main elements: facilitation and mediation. Once the facilitation portion of filing for divorce is settled, a divorcing couple may schedule mediation sessions with a certified mediator to help settle any pending issues. These mediation sessions will satisfy the court-ordered requirement for facilitated divorce, as well as prepare the couple for the finalization of their divorce.

Colorado Springs Certified Mediator

Our certified mediator at Peak Mediation understands that you may wish to do much of your divorce on your own with your spouse. For couples that need a little extra guidance for contested issues, mediation can help them create peaceful solutions to their divorce issues without the need for the courts.

Do you think it is time to include mediation in your divorce? Schedule a consultation with our certified mediator by calling (719) 259-5944 or contacting us online.