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Debunking Divorce Mediation Myths

More and more couples are turning to mediation as an option to avoid a contentious divorce. Despite its practical benefits, some couples may be reluctant to go forward with the mediation route because they’ve heard misconceptions surrounding it.

Our experienced attorney-mediators at Peak Mediation are here to help you discover if mediation is the right option for you by setting the record straight and debunking the most common mediation myths.

Myth: Mediators are biased towards one person

Fact: Most states require extensive training before mediators handle any cases. They have learned how to ensure equal footing, so power doesn’t skew one way. Rest assured, they are there to be a neutral third-party to resolve disputes and help parties reach an agreement.

Myth: Mediation works for everyone

Fact: Colorado requires anyone going through a divorce to mediate, and though it’s seldom, mediation alone may not be enough for every couple. When spouses are unwilling to settle or unable to be civil during sessions, the process will not work as well. If you’d like a more detailed explanation of when mediation may not be the right choice, take a look at our blog here.

Myth: Mediation prolongs the divorce process

Fact: We understand why couples want to get through a divorce as swiftly as possible because it can be time-consuming, costly, and emotionally draining. Logically, it’s understandable that adding mediation will extend the divorce process, but it actually helps streamline your case. Colorado has a mandatory waiting period before the judge can grant a divorce— 90 days. We recommend using that time to participate in mediation to begin settlement discussions, or else you’ll have to wait the required period before a judge looks at your case. Couples who come to an agreement through mediation can avoid divorce litigation, which can take years, depending on the situation.

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