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A Legal Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mediation and Arbitration Services:

Peak Mediation recognizes the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our legal community. Attorney Matthew B. Drexler created Peak Mediation to facilitate novel and effective solutions in civil and domestic relations matters. Effective immediately, Peak Mediation will offer arbitration and mediation services at a discounted rate of $250 per hour for both represented and unrepresented parties. With court dates now being vacated and rescheduled, Peak Mediation will make every attempt to accommodate your current case schedule including any current hearing dates.

At this time, arbitration and mediation sessions can be scheduled in office or by teleconference. Office sessions will be subject to a typical COVID-19 screening procedure including a questionnaire about recent travel and contact with individuals known to have tested positive for COVID-19. Any office session will necessarily be restricted to parties and their counsel with any witnesses appearing telephonically or by video conference. Peak Mediation encourages parties and counsel to submit Pretrial Statements and/or Confidential Mediation Statements prior to arbitrations and mediations.

As a member of the legal community, Peak Mediation is here to serve. If you have a case that requires immediate resolution or if your client’s matter will benefit from arbitration or mediation in the ordinary course, please contact Peak Mediation by phone at (719) 399-0400 or (719) 471-8000 or by email at mediator@peakmediation.co (not .com). When contacting Peak Mediation for information or to set up an appointment, please be ready to provide the parties’ full names, the judicial district and case number.

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Matthew B. Drexler

Blog Author: Attorney Matthew B. Drexler

Matthew B. Drexler is an attorney-mediator, arbitrator, and facilitator at Peak Mediation.

Visit his bio to learn more about how he helps good people navigate difficult times.

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