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The Biggest Benefits of Mediation Over Divorce Litigation

Mediation vs Litigation

Couple during mediationThe judge’s gavel pounds and a loud “THUD” reverberates throughout the courtroom. What follows is a string of orders leaving the judge’s lips, and it’s with their deciding word that your life is forever changed. If this vision intimidates you, rest assured there is a better option: mediation.

Benefits of Mediation

By choosing mediation, you can:

  • Save time. We understand that your time is precious, but family courts get backlogged, which makes it difficult to fit around every party’s schedule. On top of that, with divorce litigation, you may be facing multiple court trials or a series of hearings. You won’t have to face that problem with mediation.

  • Save money. The average cost of divorce in Colorado is $14,500, and that’s without factors such as children, alimony, and property division. In many cases, the cost of mediation is less than half of the cost of divorce litigation. At Peak Mediation, we value transparency, which is why we disclose our flat fee before we begin.

  • Preserve relationships. With effective communication and collaboration, mediation can often help maintain amicable relationships that would otherwise be destroyed through litigation.

  • Protect your privacy. Mediation is entirely confidential; on the other hand, court cases are public, which means anyone can sit in and hear the intimate details of your divorce case.

Enlist the Help of Peak Mediation

At Peak Mediation, we have a team of skilled listeners and effective mediators who operate with both compassion and determination. We are prepared to guide you through every step from finding a solution and memorializing it with a binding agreement to submitting the contract to the court for approval. This means that you can get a divorce without having to go through potentially painful litigation.

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Matthew B. Drexler

Blog Author: Attorney Matthew B. Drexler

Matthew B. Drexler is an attorney-mediator, arbitrator, and facilitator at Peak Mediation.

Visit his bio to learn more about how he helps good people navigate difficult times.

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