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What Issues are Discussed During Mediation?

Rather than going through a difficult litigation process through the family court system, many divorcing couples opt for mediation — a voluntary and confidential process in which both parties come to an agreement on different aspects of their divorce with the help of an unbiased third party.

Divorce Mediation

Through mediation, couples can come to an agreement on many aspects of their divorce, including:

Parenting Matters

If you and your spouse share a child, there are several custody matters that will need to be addressed before you can be formally divorced. Typically, mediation will cover:

  • Parental responsibility. In Colorado, parents can either be awarded joint or primary responsibility.
  • Visitation matters. If one parent requires supervised visitation, a schedule can also be decided upon during mediation.
  • Parent communications. How you will communicate in the future and decide on matters related to your child as they arise.
  • Relocation of a parent. Should one parent need to relocate (in or out of the state), this will be discussed.

Asset Division

Mediation gives you and your spouse the opportunity to discuss what you would like to keep during the division process and your reasoning behind it. Though every case is unique, most couples need to come to an agreement regarding how each of the following will be divided — the house, joint bank accounts, retirement accounts, investments, the family-owned business, and debts (joint and individual).

Child Support Requirements

During mediation, both parties have the opportunity to address child support requirements and any deviations that may need to be addressed based on their circumstances.

When both parties understand that the court analyzes child support as the right of a child so any deviation from it must be well justified, agreeable parents tend to have more flexibility in child support determinations.

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