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Is It Time to Get Divorced?

Marriages are meant to be lifelong commitments, but life doesn’t always work out the way we expect it to. If you are at the point where you are unsure your marriage can be saved, you have a big choice to make. Deciding to end your relationship is among the most important decisions you’ll face, and it’ll affect your life for years to come.

Although there’s no easy answer, there are questions to ask yourself that may help you reach a decision.

Have you and your spouse made an effort to save the marriage?

Whether it’s finances, a dry period, or growing apart, think about if you’ve done everything in your power to get the marriage back on track. This may involve marriage counseling to help with communication, date nights to reignite the romance, or self-help books to improve your life. Regardless of the method, it’s important to take these steps in case there’s a chance of saving the marriage.

If you’re already past this point, it’s probably a sign to get a divorce.

Are you prepared for the emotions associated with a major breakup?

A divorce is one of life’s most painful events, and it can bring up intense emotions. Even if you are the one ready to file, it can still be heartbreaking. Be ready to deal with the emotional aspects of separation so that you can make sound decisions regarding your divorce. You may need help sorting through your feelings with a friend, journal, or therapist.

Have you explored the divorce options?

There are many paths to end a marriage, such as litigation and mediation, to name a couple. 

Let’s say you and your partner are not on good terms and disagree on many divorce issues. Then, you’d most likely have a contested divorce that’s settled in court by a judge. However, if you are looking to avoid stressful and costly litigation while maintaining an amicable relationship, you may want to consider mediation. Before you dive into the divorce process, make sure you’ve done your homework.

Are you ready to transition to post-divorce life?

Divorces bring significant changes that affect your finances and your children’s lives. Will you be able to support yourself? Have you considered moving out of the family home? Are you willing to be a co-parent with your ex for the sake of your children? Try to figure out these questions before moving forward with the divorce.

5 Signs You May Need a Divorce

If you’re still having trouble with your decision, here are five signs to help point you in the right direction.

  1. You can picture a life without your spouse. If you are married and think you’ll be better off alone, it’s a good indication that your relationship is over.

  2. Your spouse is not fulfilling your needs. Relationships are two-way streets, and each spouse should be doing their part to contribute physically and emotionally. When this is no longer happening, or it’s become one-sided, it may be time to call it quits.

  3. You are only staying together for the kids. Children are smart, and they know when something’s not right. Further, staying married for their sake may give them the wrong idea about healthy relationships.

  4. You lack respect for each other. Strong marriages are built on mutual trust, understanding, and respect. Do you seek advice from others because you no longer respect your spouse’s advice?

  5. You’re concerned about what others will think. For some, divorce can feel like a failure. If you believe you’ve done everything to save your marriage and the only thing stopping you is what your friends and family will think, it might be time to move forward with your intuition. You deserve happiness. The people who truly care about you will support your decision.

We’re Here to Make Your Divorce Easier

If you’re still here, the chances are that you’ve concluded that divorce is the next step. Peak Mediation is here to make your experience easier. We offer alternate paths to divorce that allow you to resolve disputes in a simpler, more efficient way.

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